Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 148] Painful routine

I was finally back to my painful routine. Today we started the swim with some wind and big swells, they were coming from opposite directions and created choppy conditions.
I used Seeker’s tracker, mine refused to charge in the morning. I hoped this was just moisture and after cleaning the connections it would be back to life.
I started the day by using shorter fins and was kicking faster. This helped me stay warm with the wind blowing cold air.
After four hours, my fins started to feel tight so I changed them with longer fins with slightly bigger foot pockets.
At hour six, the dinghy suddenly stopped. Ty and James were looking over the engine, an error came up on the display and couldn’t get cleared. After checking the connections and trying a different tiller, they still had the same error. My swim day had to stop there, we were picked out of the water by Seeker and work on the dinghy started. At the end of the day the problem wasn’t solved, tomorrow would be a swim without the dinghy.


Weather conditions:
Overcast (cloud coverage 6/8)
Wind speed: 17 kts
Wind direction: S
Waves height: 2-3 m
Waves direction: S
Water temperature: 25°C

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