Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 149] The capsized boat

I started the day with Maks doing an echo of my heart. GE put at our disposal a very compact and mobile unit, the same kind the astronauts use in the International Space Station. We go through the same procedure and get data and images to monitor any changes in the structure of my heart.
Unlike in space, we had to deal with the motion of the boat and today’s big swells made it very challenging. Maks and I had to cling to the bench and each other to keep the probe very still on my chest when he found the right location.
Since the dinghy wasn’t working, we used the kayak. Paul was paddling. In the middle of the day we found a string of new buoys. They were all attached to each other by a heavy fishing line that run about 15 meters under the surface. We couldn’t see the size of hooks nor the bate. The day before we saw a fishing vessel near the location, the fishermen probably set the line there. This was confirmed when in the evening the same boat pulled the line out. Unfortunately, we were never close enough to see their catch.
At the end of the day, Paul told me that the crew had found a capsized boat. We weren’t far from them and they were in the direction of our heading so we decided to meet them. After swimming less than an hour, we reached to the location. As we got closer, I saw many big mahi-mahi to our right and then so many different types of fish swimming around us. The capsized boat was a refuge for so many fish, it felt like I was swimming in an aquarium. After swimming around and under it, taking pictures and video with the crew and tagging it with a GPS tracker, it was the end of the day and we all swam back to Seeker.

Weather conditions:
Sunny (cloud coverage 1/8)
Wind speed: 6 kts
Wind direction: W
Waves height: 0.5 m
Waves direction: W
Water temperature: 25.5°C

5 thoughts on “[DAY 149] The capsized boat

  1. Your body is amazing. It never stops. Hence the electronic devices:) Ben I do not know of what are you made of but you are special human. Keep up. Bravo!!

  2. May Good Fortune continue to favour you as you resume swimming after avoiding some really rough weather recently, Ben. I’m sure many others are also still feeling so inspired by the enormity of the Challenge you are undertaking and how “in the moment” you and your Team are. This is the only logical way to live: in the present moment, adapting to whatever the situation demands of us. Of course,taking the necessary steps and precautions for what the future may bring, but always staying firmly in the “now”.
    If all of us could live a more awakened and conscious life like this, imagine how great things would be for the entire planet!!

  3. What kind of boat was it? Size, type… I want to see photos! You all are seeing such an interesting side of the Big Blue.

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