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[DAY 161-162-163] The moustaches!

Last night the winds picket up in no time from around 30 to about 50 knots. Mark was at the helm, the boat drastically heeled and this combined with big waves made it very difficult to handle. After a quick change of sail in challenging conditions, sailing become more stable in those extreme conditions.

Yesterday the touch screen of our Parker water maker got damaged, someone or an object must have hit it. During rough conditions, people are being tossed around and objects get loose. Fortunately, we had a spare screen and after swapping it, the water maker was back producing our most important commodity, fresh water.

I decided to shave my beard, it started to be in my way and annoyed me. Each time I ate or drank, I had to push my long hair out of my mouth. The entire crew followed me and we all ended up with a moustaches.

James, Paul and I kept the mustache only for one day. After shaving I felt a little bit more like myself again even though it revealed my shrunken cheeks and a thinner jaw line.

For the last few days we put our fishing lines in the water and today we caught 2 mahi-mahi, it had been awhile since we ate any fresh food. The fishes were delicious.

The following day we caught 5! We ate four of them in one day and kept one to dry.

It is important for us to catch fish, it is a great source of protein to add to our diet but most importantly we collect very useful information and samples to track micro plastic and plastic fibers in the fish.

6 thoughts on “[DAY 161-162-163] The moustaches!

  1. Great news and great photo! So glad you have fresh fish! What island are you planning on arriving at in Hawaii? Do you have an estimated eta?

  2. Dear all,

    I’m really glad to see you all smiling with your moustaches, even Maria!
    It really was an eye-opener realizing what burdens you took on yourselves to raise awareness of plastic contamination.
    It made me think a lot about the plastic problem.
    So from my point of view you all fully accomplished your mission.

    All the best!

  3. Hi!
    For the last 5 months (or so) you were my companions. The first thing I do in the morning is cheking for your new posts. I felt amazed and inspired by you. Not only your swim Ben but also inspired by the whole team and what you are doing. I will miss reading these posts and follow your adventure (or shall I say mission?).
    I wish you all a safe return and be sure that what you did had a positive impact on everyone following you.

  4. Mustache’s and Mahi Mahi’s! Good to see the sense of humor and healthy appetites overcomingl adversity. Wishing you all a safe return to port. 😀

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