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[DAY 169-172] The dateline

On day 169, we passed the dateline it was on November 19, and the following day it was still November 19th, we lived the same day twice.
I spend my days at the helm, from sunrise to sunset. All day long I can only skim the surface of the ocean since I don’t swim and can’t see under the surface and observe this mysterious world anymore. It is a different experience I am not in the ocean, I look at this vast blue surface, the exchange area between the ocean and our world. Every day I see debris floating and can’t stop wondering what lives under it.
Thanksgiving was for us uneventful, other than my phone conversation with my wife and children, it was just a day like any other at sea. A Say whale came close to the boat and few of us jumped in the water to get a closer look and some footage but the animal was too shy and we never saw it while we were in the water. James scanned the surface with the drone, the whale breached the surface few times but never near us nor in the frame of the drone.
Tomorrow will be a milestone stone for the expedition, 100 days since we last left Japan.

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  1. 100days you left Japan. I feel it is yesterday that I saw you off at Yokohama marina.

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