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[DAY 173] 100 days at sea

It has been 100 days since we left Yokohama the last time, this means that we have been at sea and not been on land for that long. It is a little odd to me because it doesn’t seem that long. I have lost all references of time, every day looks the same. There is not weekly routine, we have the same activities every day, weekday or weekend. Since we are on a boat and do everything there, we work where we live and don’t experience a change in rhythm.
In the evening we celebrated our 100 days by cooking a more elaborated meal still using the same ingredients.
It was a good occasion for me to bring items that I had acquired without people knowing I had them; I had taken from Paul a bottle of champagne and from Maks a pack of cigarettes. Also, Lauren had left behind a small bottle of whiskey and Maria had asked me to hide few chocolate bars. I brought everything at the end of the meal, it felt a little like Christmas, I was Santa Claus.

3 thoughts on “[DAY 173] 100 days at sea

  1. Go Santa!!
    I flew to Oahu from the Big Island this afternoon and await your arrival!
    Enjoy the ride and hope to see all of you soon. Am hoping the big swell rolling in tomorrow doesn’t slow you guys down.

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