Log: The Vortex

[DAY 30] Ear infection

This morning we reach drifter G. Josh, Corbin, Adam and Drew jumped in the dinghy with a new biological panel to attached to it. After few minutes Drew reported to us that the original biological panel was missing. They attached a new one to the cable and return to our sailboat.

Before they jumped back on I Am Ocean, Josh sighted few mahi-mahi around the boat. We passed on to him his spear gun…and voila we had fish for our next dinner.

After everybody was back on board, we were back on the move and towed a net. We went through a slick, a mirror like path. Those are known to have more debris in them. And it sure was, we didn’t spend the time to count the pieces of microplastic, we packed it up to do it later.

The sea was the calmest we had ever seen it. Adam and David on the dinghy had high hope to see lots of debris and sea life at the surface but unfortunately we did not. We only stopped one time to take picture of a small ghost net and its school of fish below it. I used a 360 camera to capture some footage as well.

Throughout the day, I felt a growing pressure on my left hear and at the end of the day when I removed my swim cap I felt a sharp pain.

In the evening Adam had a look at my hear and gave me some drops for the infection.

31º31 N / 144º54 W


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Photo credits @sea.marshall, @osleston

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