Log: The Vortex

[DAY 31] A day with the crew

I had a hard time sleeping, my hear throbbed all night long and when I woke up I was in pain.

I decided to take the day off and went back to sleep for an extra couples of hours. I felt better after but still decided to stay out of the water and put drops in my hear through out the day.

I experienced a day with the crew on I Am Ocean. We were three counting our first tow. It took us a couple of hours to count 1082 of microplastic.

It was a busy day with science activities, maintenance and cleaning of the boat, sorting and storing trash, capturing, editing and managing content…everybody had his own task and time to accomplished it before going to another rotation with a new task and schedule. 

At the end of the day we all gather on deck to have dinner. This is the only time during the day that we are all together, we take that moment to have a debrief of the day and plan the next one.

We talked about our rendezvous with Charles Moore and his boat Alguita north of us in about 10 days. It will be a significant moment, Charles discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the early 90’s

31º56 N / 143º22 W


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