Log: The Vortex

[DAY 32] I’m losing too much weight

I was back in the water today. My ear felt fine this morning, after putting some hear drops, I plugged it with a little ball of wax to prevent any water from going in it, and it held up.

I have lost some weight and when Adam took my vitals this morning, he told me I had reached the last acceptable range for body fat percentage. I wish I could put on more weight on so that the extra layer of fat would help me stay warm in the water. 

Ty and Josh were on the dinghy and Josh didn’t jump once in the water today, we never saw any big debris to take pictures or film. They collected few smaller pieces, a fairly new clear bottle of water with no growth on, other small items and 5 bottle caps.

I also saw few pieces in the water column, mostly fragments of bigger debris and short lengths of ropes. I kept on scanning the water right below the surface to spot some microplastics but it is difficult to distinguish them from plankton and other form of small sea life. 

The area we were in today had a lesser microplastic density as the one we were in few days ago. We counted 3 of our net tows, 2 of them were about 200 pieces and one above 600.

At the end of the day, I realized my wetsuit was a little too high and had rubbed high in between my legs… I have to remember to put Vaseline on a very private part of my body tomorrow

32º03 N / 142º55 W


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