Log: The Vortex

[DAY 36] How I felt after swimming 5h straight without a break

I started my day with an interview with NPR for All Things Considered. Of course, that was after I had my cup of coffee and my porridge.
NPR is my first pick when it comes to radio station in the car. My dial is always set on it. So to be interviewed and featured on a show I regularly listen to was a little surreal.

The weather wasn’t great today, the sky was grey and squalls brought us more winds and rain. The swells grew to 10 feet at times and gave me a nice push when not breaking on me.

Josh and Hannah were the dinghy team. I took my usual food break after the first hour and had my soup, bread and some water. When it came time for my second break, I was in a very good place mentally and decide to skip the break to not interrupt my train of thoughts.

On my next scheduled break, I still felt good and my thoughts were flowing effortlessly that I didn’t stop either. On the following break I didn’t know if I was going to stop or not but made it a game or a challenge to keep on going and pressed on through the break and again the next one. I swam the last 5 hours straight without taking a break. At the end of the day my muscles were much tighter and heavier than usually, I could feel the impact of not enough fluid. This was confirmed when back on the boat my vitals showed a much lower blood pressure and higher heart rate than normal…

32º34 N / 139º52 W


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