Log: The Vortex

[DAY 37-38] Heading to the rendezvous

I took a forced break for the past two days.
Our rendezvous with Charles Moore is scheduled for the 22nd and we needed to cover some ground to make sure would be there on time. So our sails were up and we took advantage of stronger winds. Below deck wasn’t comfortable, the boat was keeled over and we had to fight with gravity and rocking every time we moved around. Even in our bunks we were stuck on one side and couldn’t change positions.

I took the time to catch up with my emails. We conducted a TV interview with SkyNews Australia. I was supposed to Skype with them and we had a good test run but by the time we had the interview the winds picked up even more and our antenna lost connection with the satellite just 5 minutes before. We had to fall back to a phone call interview even though our Skype connection came back up.

Our days have been reduced to a sailing schedule, shifts have changed to respond to the need of handling the boat in rough weather and tacking as the wind was coming from where we needed to go.

My stomach felt a little funny again, it had to adapt to been onboard in rough conditions.
We moved our watches forward one hour, we are now just one hour behind the US West coast time and getting closer!

33º50 N / 140º02 W


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Photo credits @sea.marshall, @osleston

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