Log: The Vortex

[Day 47] Eggs for breakfast!

We started the day with a couple of net tows around The Ocean Cleanup device, and once we were finished we said our goodbyes to the Transporter and TOC and sailed off. We have to retrieve a drifter west of us and we expect to get to the area in about two days.
There was a big change in our breakfast menu thanks to Maersk and the Transporter crew – WE HAD EGGS. Drew prepared two eggs for me on a plate of rice.
I talked to my daughter and my son, both of them were in good spirits and looking forward to meeting at the end of next month.
Then we went back to our daily schedule. I jumped in the water with Adam and Hannah in the dinghy.  My swim wasn’t interrupted much, only a couple of times when Adam stopped me to check on an area with high concentration of debris. I lifted up a couple of crates and big plastic fragments, the usual crabs hung on them but I only found one lonely fish under one of the crates.
At the end of the day, our crew spotted dolphins and radioed us on the dinghy their location – they were moving too fast away from us and unfortunately, we weren’t able to get close. Maybe tomorrow we will have a better chance?

33°45 N / 147°7 W 


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