Log: The Vortex

[Day 54-55] The big 300

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. Yoav shared the dinghy responsibilities with Josh and nothing really stood out. Maybe we are becoming numb to the quantity of plastic we encounter… 

We had 10 eggs left from the 90 given to us by the Transporter’s chef. I wish we had taken the 180 he originally offered. We weren’t sure we would have space for them.

I offered to cook crepes for our dinner last night. My offer was accepted, so I stopped my swim one hour earlier and prepared delicious savory crepes that were stuffed with Adam’s vegetables as well as sweet crepes with caramelized pineapple and peaches (from cans of course).

Today Adam and Josh were the dinghy team. I should reach my 300nm goal today, if not tomorrow. Four hours into my swim today I started feeling some pain in my left ankle. I decided to switch fins. I have two custom made pairs of Breier fins. They are the same length and have the same foot pocket, but have different stiffness. I used the red softer ones during the first week and then changed to the orange pair, a more rigid design that gives me more thrust but also puts more pressure on my ankles. The softer red fins helped to deal with the pain I was experiencing today. 

At the end of the day, we set a time to use the drone and capture some footage. I reached my 300 nautical mile mark! The team joined me and we swam in a V formation and formed a large “300” with a thick rope we had found earlier in the day. 

Once we all got back on I Am Ocean and had the dinghy secured, a pod of dolphins jumped 100 meters to our starboard side. A proper celebratory appearance. Adam, Corbin, Josh, and Heather got the dinghy back in the water as fast as possible and loaded it with their fins, masks, camera and the drone. Unfortunately, they weren’t fast enough and by the time they were on the hunt, the pod had already swum away.

31° 52 N / 145° 14 W


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