Log: The Vortex

[Day 56] Outdoor movie theater in the middle of the Pacific!

We reached the doldrums today. This is an area in the middle of the Great Pacific Garbage without any wind. Also, there are no currents shown on any of the maps we regularly get from land in this area. But for the past few days, storms passing south of us and going toward Hawaii have pushed the high-pressure system to the east. We haven’t had one day without wind as we did a couple of weeks ago when we were close to this area.

In the morning we got a call on the VHF from Brigadoon, a 56 feet sloop that had participated in the Transpac race. The sailboat and her crew were moving much faster than us on their way back to California. After a quick radio exchange, they passed us on our port side and quickly faded into the horizon. At 1 pm, I had an interview with RNZ, a media outlet from New Zealand and started my swim after. I swam from 2 pm to 6 pm.

The team had prepared a memorable evening to honor me making my 300 nautical mile mark. Heather cooked an amazing dinner, she even prepared a sugarless dessert for me. After our daily meeting on deck, Corbin and Adam secured a white canvas and a projector on the helm guard, and we all gathered in the cockpit to watch a movie: outdoor theater in the middle of the Pacific!

32° 3 N / 145° .5 W


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