Weekend Brings 800+ mile mark, Calm Seas, Sun & Several Dolphins!

Day 18

Yesterday something very nice happened to me. While I was swimming I started hearing little noises and at the same time the school of fish (about 20) that stays underneath the boat all the time came wery close to me. so I checked around me to find what that noise was, I did not see anything on my left between the boat and me. I looked toward my right and there at about 10 feet away, a few dolphins were swimming with me. I tried to get closer to them, but they probably thought that I did not swim fast enough for them and they left. Richard and Jean Pierre told me that they had been there for about 30 sec, and did not have the time to get the camera.

Today we had again very strong wind 30 knots and waves in every direction, this bad weather started yesterday evening. which means that I got only few hours of sleep. This evening the wind is not as strong anymore and hopefully that will stay the same for the night and tomorrow.

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