Ben Hits 900 Mile Mark! South West Wind is Pushing Ben Quickly to France

Day 20

It is August 4, and Ben has logged more than 900 miles. Their current position is 40° North by 48° West.

Ben reports, “It is interesting about this south west wind. Though the rough waters make swimming difficult and sleeping virtually impossible, I do not mind because it pushes me so quickly in the water that we just may arrive in France a week early!”

Ben continues, “I had a large sea turtle come to visit the boat while I was resting earlier today. It is sunny and calm on the sea right now, so I am getting quite a bit of good swimming time in.”

Ben is currently reading Daring the Sea, a book about individuals challenging the ocean. Seems the NY Times wrote on June 3, 1896, about two gents setting out to row across the Atlantic, “The field of freak enterprise in crossing the Atlantic under unusual conditions is being gradually narrowed. Several have made their way across in small sailboats, and now two foolhardy adventurers have arranged to row…If they succeed, the next aspirant for distinction in that special line may have to announce his intentions of swimming across!” Important to note: Ben was born on June 3!

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