Ben Well Past 1,000 Mile Mark! Winds of 30 Knots, Rain & Waves Still Dog Team

Day 22

It is August 6, and Ben and the Falbala have logged well over 1,000 miles (exact mileage still being calculated) since leaving Kalmus Beach in Hyannis, Mass., on July 16. Their current position is 41° North by 44° West.

Ben reports, “The advantage of the Gulf Stream is beginning to slow down. I anticipate averaging between 40 & 50 miles each day…about 30-35 miles from swimming and another 10-15 miles from drifting with the current (but that does not always happen). However, between currents, wind and my ability to keep swimming at a good pace, we anticipate hitting the half way point, about 1,700 miles, within a week!”

Ben continues, “We continue to be followed by lousy weather. Current winds are up to 30 knots, with raid and waves. Unfortunately, this type of weather prohibits me from swimming at all today. Let’s hope tomorrow is better!”

Due to the inclement weather currently dogging Ben and the crew, a great deal of time is being spent on the boat. Ben is accompanied by a French-made 12 meter (39 1/2 feet), steel hulled sail boat, type ‘Reve des Seychelles. It is referred to as a type one, meaning the boat is equipped to sail anywhere.

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