200 Miles of Half-Way Point! Stress of Solitude Begins to Take Toll

Day 25

It is August 9, and Ben is within 200 miles of the half way point (or 1,697 miles). Their current position is 41.5° North by 42° West.

Ben reports, “I try not to think about all the miles I still have to cover, but sometimes I can not control my mind. It is not the lack of comfort or even the monotony, but the loneliness that is getting to me. I miss everyone who helped me get here so much that every day I have to push myself that much harder to stay motivated.”

Ben continues, “Though I see the miles slowly racking up and am excited that the all-important half way point is nearing, it seems like some days just don’t move forward… like I am glued to the calendar at the same day.”

Ben anticipated that the greatest challenge in his Cross-Atlantic journey would be the mental stress. He is taking each day one moment at a time…

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