Ben Takes a Break

Day 26

The realization of this monumental task is taking its toll on Ben. He is plagued with isolation and boredom. Harsh weather has been relentless. Strong waves pound Ben against the side of his escort vessel, the Fabala so he is forced to swim in the choppier wake of the boat. The foul weather has also severly disrupted his sleep, so he begins each day feeling very fatigued.

Ben has decided to rest on the boat today and contemplate his options. He does not want to quit, but the obstacles ahead are discouraging. He is considering a detour to the Azores, a group of islands less than a week away.

On a lighter note, Ben noticed about ten porpoises playing near the boat. He is also writing his thoughts in a personal notebook and corresponding with friends via E-mail.

Those wishing to offer their love and support are encouraged to drop him a line!

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