Ben To Head for Azores. “I hope a stop on land will give me the motivation I need to continue onto France.”

Day 27

It is August 11, and Ben is heading toward the Azores, a group of islands in the North Atlantic approximately 800 miles west of Portugal.

Ben reports, “I feel very strongly that I wanted to swim from one land mass to another, hence the decision to head for the Azores. I am not ready to give up, but I do realize I need to be on land, if only for a short while.” Ben will be swimming to the Azores, approximately 500 miles from his current location, and estimates an arrival within 7 days. He hopes a break from his rigorous schedule will give him the motivation he needs to continue onto his original destination of Brest, France.

Ben is definitely in better spirits since making the decision to head for the Azores. Aside from the anticipated issues of loneliness and strain, Ben also reports a leak in the boat’s water purifying system that has resulted in some very real physical discomfort for him. Because he is unable to totally keep salt off his skin, he is experiencing some chafing from his wet suit.

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